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Model Watch Monday's: Jabreyon Griffin

Jabreyon Griffin

Photographer (Above): Christopher Marrs


How old were you when you began modeling?

I started at 17. When it became a thing I'll say 19.

What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishments thus far?

V-files season 9 it was my first season here in NYC. But, personally my last shoot was my greatest work to date. I try to outdo and learn more from every shoot.

Who is an artist that you would love to work with?

Rick Owens, Dsquare, and Alexander McQueen. aka my shopping dream list. Brian Jamie, Cliff Watts and anbody that wants to work with me honestly. I'm honored and grateful for them all.

Are you signed? If so, what agency?

I have a mother agency and a few offers on the board should have one by Jan.

Who is one of your favorite models? Past or present.

Naomi, Donyale Luna, Mikeal Cummings

What is the best way for you to be contacted for prospective work/opportunities?

Email or Instagram DMs are good for making first introductions.

E. IG. @Jabreyon

Photographer (Above): Greg Vaughan


Everything! I hope to expand to every avenue I'm excited to be a part of everything that has and will come to me. I love to create art in all forms. So throw paint on me or throw me in something super oversize I enjoy it all.

How was your first experience as a model?

It was really chill. I had a friend who had a camera(Vicari photos). I was over-styled (by myself). But, with each shoot, with Vicari, photos helped me get comfortable in front of the camera I've learned so much from each photographer I've worked with and apply it to the next shoot which has made me better in the long run.

What are some of your do's and don'ts when preparing for a photo shoot?

Do's: Talk with everyone on set. Make sure your nails are clean. Get a vibe for your photographer understand what their mission as a photographer is and what's there style. Sometimes researching them isn't enough, you actually have to get the full story. Remember your job is to sell the garment.

Don'ts: Don't over think it, a lot of people I talk to always feel like it's something they can't but, want to do. JUST DO IT! You got this!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

With my degree working for PwC hopefully still modeling, but it's not my focus.

Where can people find you on social media?

Email. Instagram. Jabreyon

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