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Model Watch Monday's: Michael Rosario

Michael Rosario

Photographer (Above): Alain Vasallo

"My name is Michael Rosario and I am a professional signed model based out of Orlando,Fl. I have worked with Versace, Armani, David Yurman and more. In addition, I have been published in two magazines so far. I am always looking on expanding my career and be represented in other states/internationally. I am available to shoot locally in Orlando and also willing to travel to other states/cities. I also have a passion for making videos about the industry and I post them on my YouTube channel."


How old were you when you began modeling?

I was 20 years old when I started modeling

What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishments thus far?

My biggest accomplishments have been being published in magazines and walking for Tommy Hilfiger.

Who is an artist that you would love to work with?

I would love to work with high end designers like Chanel, Versace, Burberry and much more. I would like to do campaigns with them and also walk for them in their fashion shows.

Are you signed? If so, what agency?

I am currently signed with BMG in Orlando but I am trying to work on being signed by other agencies in other cities and overseas.

What is the best way for you to be contacted for prospective work/opportunities?

The best way to contact me is through my Email, IG, or Website.


I do it all. I can do print, runway, and editorial. My favorite things to do is runway because I love the show aspect of modeling. My second favorite is editorial because the concepts are usually very unique.

Photographer (Above): Melissa Berrios

How was your first experience as a model?

My first experience in modeling was definitely very nerve racking but I got through it. Everything is mental, if you can control your mind then you can control your emotions. With bigger jobs thrown at me and more experience, then I felt more comfortable with being in the industry. I’m still working on getting comfortable with acting. That world is still a little new to me but I am working on that side so that I can work in the film side of the industry too.

What are some of your do's and don'ts when preparing for a photo shoot?

When preparing for a photo shoot you want to do several things. You must get enough sleep, get a good meal in, go over the concept board the day before, pack all the items the day before, workout the day before, and make sure you have everything you need that was asked ready to go. Some negative things would be to drink alcohol the day before, stay up late, and eat junk food the day before. You want to eat lean and clean food so that you are not bloated and your skin is clear the next day. There are many other tips and tricks but that would take up this whole interview.

Photographer (Above): Melissa Berrios

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself either with top agencies traveling the world or owning my own brand/business. You can never tell what is ahead in life for you because many unexpected things can happen to us. The best we can all do is work towards our passion with our hearts and put your effort in and see where life takes you.

Where can people find you on social media?

You can connect with me on Instagram which is my main form of social media. You can also visit my website and my YouTube where I show the BTS of photo shoots and other modeling events.

IG: @michael.grosario


YouTube: Michael Rosario

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