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Model Watch Monday's: Kayin Marchand-Wright

Kayin Marchand-Wright

How old were you when you began modeling?


What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishments thus far?

Having a son and in modeling I would say working with a well known brand, Roots.

Who is an artist that you would love to work with?

Will Smith, he’s always been someone I’ve looked up to. Not only because of his work but because of his personality and the energy he keeps.

Photographer (Above & Below): Chris Davis

Are you signed? If so, what agency?

Yes signed across Canada with Dulcedo and in London with Next

Who is one of your favorite models? Past or present.

Jeremy Meeks because he started modeling out of nowhere and took the opportunity and ran with it kind of like I did. Plus he’s putting on for the light skins with green eyes haha

What is the best way for you to be contacted for prospective work/opportunities?

Probably by Instagram “Kayinmw” or my email


I would say a little of all 3. I like to be versatile.

How was your first experience as a model?

It was awkward because I didn’t know how to pose and I was a bit uncomfortable with like 5 people watching me.

What are some of your do's and don'ts when preparing for a photo shoot?

I usually just chill out listen to some reggae, hip hop or R&B. If there’s other models I usually talk to them if they're not to stuck up lol

Photographer (Above): Chris Davis

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself on the big screen doing big things, getting into some acting now so in 5 years I hope to be in some movies and TV shows.

Where can people find you on social media?

Kayinmw on Instagram and Kayinmw on twitter

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