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Carter & Zyoness cover Lovin Locs Magazine + Tae Designz Feature

(Above: Carter & Zyoness) Issue 8.

"Lovin Locs Magazine is a periodical geared towards informing, educating, empowering and building our community. A product of Mary Butler, Lovin Locs Magazine will feature topics including, but not limited to, current events, art, hair care, entertainment and much more.

Our mission is to provide our community with information that will influence them to live a more natural healthy prosperous lifestyle, starting from the top of our hair. In addition to showcasing up & coming artist from many genres, and sharing informative information of many topics. Lovin Locs Magazine will give the opportunity for business owners to advertise their products goods and services. The magazine will be distributed countrywide, and our hope is that it can extend beyond the US as well. The magazine is quarterly and the future plan is to have the magazine online along with subscriptions as well."

Special thanks to Above Models: Rocket and Timothy Lawrance.

TAE DESIGNZ has been able to work with many brands, companies and entrepreneurs and feels honored to continue this journey connecting and expanding.

For more on Lovin Locs Magazine:

instagram: lovinlocsmagazine

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