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Model Watch Monday's: Rhyan Atrice

(Above) Celavive Campaign

(Above) Photographer: Mauritzio Mantani

How old were you when you began modeling?

15 years old

What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishments thus far?

Ummm this is a tough question but I think the most notable accomplishment has to be that, I am the 1st black model to ever work in the Country of India. Many models of African decent have gone to India but none have moved there and built a name for themselves. I did, and became famous in that country.

Who is an artist that you would love to work with?

Wow, another tough question. I would have to categorize them in Male & Female.

For the male category I would like to work with C Breeze aka Chris Brown. I just think he is one of the most talented humans on this planet. Sure he has made a few mistakes but he is an Amazing Talent. And for female, (There Are Soooo Many), I will give a description of the scenario I would like to be in. I would love to be the male feature or love interest in a female artist’s music video that have a narrative, where I get to become a dynamic character that is in a steamy love hate relationship. I think something like; California King Bed, Teenage Dream, or something like that.

Are you signed? If so, what agency?

Yes, I am Signed.

Grateful I am signed all over the globe.


Urban Talent in Salt Lake City

DAS Model Mgmt in Miami & Chicago

Option Model in Portland & Seattle


New Icon in Mexico

Sight Mgmt in Spain

TFM in India

"I'm working with my manager on representation in Asia, Italy, & London as we speak."

(Above) Photographer: Zavier De'Angelo

Who is one of your favorite models? Past or present.

Well, something to note about me is I love Modeling and I love Models. So to select just 1 is literally impossible, but here are a couple Icons I look up too:

Females: Amanda Harvey, Candice Swanepoel, Jasmin Tooks, Karen Mulder, Naomi Campbell, Josephine Skriver to name a few

Males: Logan Taylor, Victor Ross, Corey Baptise, David Agbodji, Djimon Hounsou, Nathan Owens, Clint Mauro, and Noah Mills to name a few

What is the best way for you to be contacted for prospective work/opportunities?

You can reach out to me directly on my instagram “rhyguyfye.” There I will send you to the right agent to book me.

(Above) Photographer: Victor Ozuna

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