Independent Artist: Kirk Remekie of MILK Apparel

Explain how your passion for Clothing design came about?

I always had a passion for clothing design while growing up. I just felt it was too expensive and challenging to start.

Where are you from and what is the scene like for independent clothing lines?

I’m from Brooklyn New York, I believe it’s hard being an independent designer in a city that’s all about fashion. New York is over saturated with designers, to be noticed your brand has to be different, have a unique design and a most of all a positive relatable message behind it in my opinion.

Explain the meaning behind your Brand?

Making It Look Kool apparel is a lifestyle brand and the definition behind it is "Life is about doing what you love all while Making It Look Kool and inspiring those around you"

Has anyone inspired you in the fashion industry growing up? If so who and why?

The people I've been following, taking lessons and looking you to are Daymond John (he made me believe you don’t have to be perfect to start, make affordable moves forward and its possible to start and run a clothing line if you tap into the power or broke.) Diddy (I watched him make it big as a kid growing up, and as a grown man I’m still seeing him re-inventing himself and stay relevant.) And Garyvee (Garyvee motivates me to believe no matter what challenges or hardships you face, if u stay positive and grind through the challenges and hardships you will come out ok on the other end)

What are some of the designs you currently create?

I believe everyone wants to “Look Kool’ despite age race or gender. So, I create designs with intensions of relating to all. I currently provide "MILK" in native languages (ex: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic etc.) And our signature "Milk Jug M" logo.

Your brand is involved with different schools and events. Talk to us more about this..

The brand has been involved in local fashion shows, back to school give away events and pop up shops. M.I.L.K apparel is also a proud Department of Education Vendor. We currently provide "shimmer" style uniforms for a few N.Y.C public schools to in order to increase to rate of children wearing their uniforms to school. We are also working on creating Anti-Bullying, Milk and Music program's.