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Highlight: Independent Artists BLKZEN & Gordon Andres

Eleven|SixtySix is a media production company, independent music label, and community of artistic minds founded by BLKZEN and Gordon Andres.

Their business culture includes: a strong work ethic as well as remaining positive. Everyone affiliated with 1166 shares this value. Here to change the standards of the industry and to build empires with our elite team of creative minds.

What services are available?

Some of the services we offer are event space rental, photography, videography, vocal recording, mixing and mastering, scoring, artist development, marketing and PR. "Eleven|SixtySix is where YOU belong."

instagram: @elevensixtysix


Contact them for rates, booking, or possible job opportunity in different creative fields.

Their most recent music videos include:

BLKZEN- Megaman (Above) & Monsters on the Horizon (Below)

Tae Designz has had many great experiences at 1166 including having our first fashion showcase back in May 2017. We've also experienced our first Brooklyn, NY studio and rooftop photoshoot. The energy is always high and there's never a dull moment working with these group of creatives.

Above is the latest single from Gordon Andres called 'Free Up'. When he's not managing the popular venue Eleven|SixtySix he's somewhere performing his hit single. For more on Gordon Andres follow him on instagram at @gordonandres.

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