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Highlight: Independent Artist Carlos Dwayne

Carlos Dwayne (Singer/Songwriter/Choreographer/Dancer)

Originally from Washington, DC, Carlos Dwayne now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where he began his musical journey in the Fall of 2017. With a classic R&B/Soul sound, he prides himself on writing every song from the heart while creating relatable music that people can vibe to. Carlos teamed up with a group of young ambitious artists in September 2017, G.A.S., that is continuously working hard to mold him into a great artist. They got to work on his debut EP "Sincerely, Carlos Dwayne" which was released May 31st of this year on all digital music platforms. From this EP he has gained a fan base that he has named "The Cartel" that continues to follow and support his music. "SCD" introduces the world to his 90's R&B sound and signature color, orange.

"I chose the color orange because it is the color of liberation, happiness, and creativity. Everything that I put out has and will always have orange somewhere. Even when I perform I will wear something orange and people have associated that color with me as an artist."

Currently, Carlos is working on his second EP and has released his first single/visual from it titled "S.O.S" that plays upon a mix of Mary J. Blige "I'm Goin' Down" and Lenny Williams "'Cause I Love You." Be on the lookout for the full EP and check out "S.O.S" on all digital music platforms. Link:

We love the soulful sound that Carlos showcases throughout his music and he's definitely one to watch! Most recently he released a black and white visual on his YouTube channel entitled 'S.O.S.'

Take a look below:

IG: @Realname_carlosdwayne

Youtube: Carlos Dwayne

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