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Illustrations: Megan White

Self taught doodler/illustrator from Detroit: Megan White

Excited we were able to catch up with Megan. Her work is stunning and full of vibrant natural beauty. We enjoy her style and creativity and can't wait to see the next doodle!


"I have been dabbling in art my entire life but only this past year I have been doing it on a daily basis. Most of my artwork has been inspired by my natural hair journey as well as women of color. I use my work as a peek inside the life of a black woman and as a highlight of the beauty of WOC. Most of my personal work is done with pencil and ink but I also work well with chalk and paint. I actually make most of my money doing signage for businesses and weddings.

One of my biggest goals right now is to get into animation. I already do a lot of work with illustrator and photoshop, I just want to expand my abilities even more.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work follow my Instagram @daizydoodles or visit my website I do sell some of my work through my website in forms of coloring books, shirts, and stickers through my website.

Being an artist is important to me because its my form of meditation and self expression. It allows me to constantly feed my inner child which is key to staying creative and free.

As far as tools I do a lot but I like pencil, ink, watercolor, chalk, illustrator, acrylic paint, and photoshop in that order.

I have been doing the 'Daizydoodles' thing consistently for about a year now, my one year anniversary was actually October 1st."

Check out some of her work below:

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