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New Music: Rich Lugar - Patience

Rich Lugar (born Richard Fraser) is a self-made rapper and songwriter. Born on August 11, 1991 and bred in the trenches of Brownsville’s Tilden Houses, the skilled MC delivers a unique sound that carries the very notes of Brooklyn.

After being funneled through the foster care system for most of his life, witnessing the deaths of his closest family and friends, and a subsequent battle with substance abuse, Rich sought an outlet to release the storm within him. He obsessively consumed the poetry of the greats and found a haven in the melodic keys of RnB music. Born out of a determination to not become a product of his crippling environment and tragic circumstances, the sounds play clear influence in the rapper’s poetic verses and dope beats - every project is a symphony of harmonies, hot bars and catchy hooks. Mixing his raw pain with lyrical prowess, Rich Lugar charters a journey of grit and growth throughout his body of work.

Gaining support from top DJ’s like Hot 97’s own, Bobby Trends, Rich Lugar’s latest single, “Patience”, currently spins in premiere clubs and lounges in New York City including Social Butterfly, Club Lust, Angels and Cityscapes. His 2016 single “The Plug” is available now on iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Rich Lugar is set to release his freshman EP, #ItsAboutTime this Fall through his self-owned label,Undeniable Recordz.

This song is fresh with a cool vibe that people can truly relate to. The message is very clear and is a simple reminder to stay humble and be patient.

Check it out on SoundCloud

"Having the opportunity to sit in on you free-styling and sharing your music/art was captivating."


instagram: (@rich_lugar)

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