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New Video: Kendrick Lamar - Loyalty ft. Rihanna

Director Dave Meyers & the little homies. (DAMN )

So we've been waiting for this video for a while now!

The first time listening to Kendrick's single 'Loyalty' off of his latest Album DAMN , we knew that it was a hit. In the video he shows a deeper side of loyalty with visual examples of him risking his life for Rihanna, who he'd do anything for. Together, they team up to fight 'street sharks', hit-men, and from time murder attempts.

Check out a few lyrics below:

Tell me who you loyal to Is it money? it is fame? Is it weed? Is it drink? Is it comin' down with the loud pipes and the rain? Big chillin', only for the power in your name Tell me who you loyal to Is it love for the streets when the lights get dark? Is it unconditional when the 'Rari don't start? Tell me when your loyalty is comin' from the heart

Tell me who you loyal to Do it start with your woman or your man? (Mmm) Do it end with your family and friends? (Mmm) Or you're loyal to yourself in advance? I said, tell me who you loyal to Is it anybody that you would lie for? Anybody you would slide for? Anybody you would die for? That's what God for

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