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NEW VIDEO: Dej Loaf -No Fear

This new track and video by Dej Loaf is refreshing!

Her new look and sound has this cool vibe that just can't be ignored.

Being the first single off her new upcoming album entitled LIBERATED.

Directed by rubberband, the video begins with Dej vibing in her bedroom while listening to her breakout hit “Try Me.” Later taking a trip down a long dessert road, while still in her bed!

Even though I live my life on the road Doesn't mean I don't have time for you Plenty have tried, almost came close But none of them compare to you So let's live our life, more than one night Promise if I could, I'd do it twice

So, what you say? Put them on pause, press play Hold on, I got more to say

I know my life can get so crazy but as long as you're right here None of the gossip, nothing can stop us I'm wanna love you with no fears We can do this thing together Close your eyes and take my hand 'Cause what we have is something special Baby let's just take our chance (Baby let's just take our chance)...

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