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Model Tommy Lee Bennett

Tommy Lee Bennett (ig: @egyptiancobra_) is one of our favorite new models. He is currently signed to The Campbell Agency and lights up in front of any camera. He is versatile with the ability to deliver quality high fashion and print work. With other interests such as dance, music and photography he is sure to make waves. Check out what he had to say below:

Q: How has modeling helped shape who you are today?

A: Modeling has helped be branch out into a better all around person. I've became more self aware of my actions , and attitude. I've gain so much confidence that I lacked for years . Growing up , I was always insecure of my height and weight .

Q: What is your favorite environment to shoot? And why?

A: I love to be around fun, energetic , and professional people when I'm shooting out door and indoor shoots . Music is always fun too.

Q: What are you most excited about accomplishing in 2017?

A: I'm excited to travel and meet new people and work with new people. Stay tune . Great things are soon to come!

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