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Dancer Addison Ector

Dancer: Addison Ector

Photographer: Vikki Sloviter


How has dance shaped your life? Dance has become my life. It began as a hobby during high school and upon graduating became the only thing I focused on. Moved from Los Angeles to NYC to train full time at The Alvin Ailey School on scholarship for 3 years and then got my 1st professional job right afterwards. I'm currently in my 4th Season with Complexions Contemporary Ballet and I couldn't be any happier.

Where do you see dance taking you in the next 2 years? In 2 years I see dance taking me places that I am not even capable of thinking of. Within the past 4 years of being a professional dancer I've traveled all over the world (Korea to Russia to Israel), been published in 2 books & a calendar, featured in a Gap Campaign and have made a name for myself through social media as a male dancer on pointe.

What style of dance is most enjoyable? And why? Contemporary Ballet is the dance style I find most enjoyable. It is a blend of Ballet and Modern dance and provides an abstract view on how Ballet can be used. Specifically with Complexions, we dance to a variety of music varying from Bach to Stevie Wonder to David Bowie and even to Metallica. Being able to dance to music I enjoy on a daily basis makes dancing even more enjoyable other than just classical music.

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